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About Making Africa Work

Our Purpose: To relieve poverty in African communities through the improvement of international development practices, child and youth engagement, international internships and the assistance in the production and marketing strategies of African farmers. 

Making Africa Work is a social enterprise that is youth driven and community oriented. The organization is set apart by its focus on the development of youth and community capacity through hands on experiential learning, the placement of Canadian youth in African internships to engage cultural learning, while also providing an atmosphere of youth to youth teaching and global participation. Making Africa Work provides a foundation from which community based organizations, children and youth, and women have the opportunity to make a difference in their own community for their future benefit.

Making Africa Work strives to work with community based organizations in order to raise awareness and provide networking to provide a foundation for economic sustainability. Through outreach, on-line web advertising, partner linkages, and internships, Making Africa Work increases the viability and sustainability of community both in Canada and throughout Africa, with a specific focus on sustainable agricultural practices and food security.

Some of the key activities to fulfill this purpose include:

Lion’s Lair – Youth Entrepreneurship Contest November 4 – December 5 – Applications will be received

International Internships – for youth between the ages of 18-30, students and professionals

On-line promotion of community based organizations, fair trade products, promotional products, memberships, and local NGO initiatives

MAW is an evolving group of individuals, corporations, associations, friends, co-workers and organizations that share a common vision of a peaceful, prosperous and productive Africa. 

With offices in Nairobi and Vancouver, MAW aspires to be a bridge for corporate philanthropic and commercial interests to meet and connect with the entrepreneurial and social development forces working together to propell Africa toward a future of social progress and economic prosperity.  

Get Involved

Making Africa Work is an open invitation to anyone who has something to contribute to this mission.  This website is a good starting point - a place where you can share knowledge and learn from others about Africa’s journey toward economic and social transformation.  It is a place where you can point to key resources and engage others in relevant conversation.   

Our hope is that the relationships and interactions that start will grow beyond the limitations of this tool.  We invite you to come to learn. Come and share. Come to invest.  But most importantly, come. We want to hear from you.

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Ms Cherie Enns (Chair), a professor of international development has over 25 years of planning and research experience in Canada, United States, India and Eastern Africa. 

Mr. Pete Ondeng (President), a leading economic development specialist with twenty five years of high level, international experience in both the private and public sector.  

Mr.  George Imbenzi (Board Member), a Kenyan born, Canadian diplomat and businessman with extensive ties in African and Canada.

Mr. Gordon Wiebe,  a retired minister and founder of Community Builders Benevolence Group, a non-profit organization that fosters personal wellness in marginalized neighborhoods in North America and Sub-Saharan Africa.