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Making Africa Work Unlocking Potential – Expanding Opportunities

Making Africa Work is not just our name - it is a shared vision and an open invitation to a journey with endless possibilities. 

There are many obstacles and barriers that prevent Africa from reaching its full potential. Fortunately, there are just as many ideas and practical solutions to unlocking that potential. This website is a forum for all of us who want to play a part in the transformation of Africa to share our thoughts, ideas, talents and resources toward making Africa work for all. Working together we can come up with better answers or, at least, better questions.

Never before have all the people of the world been able to share with one another so easily and effectively. The power of the internet uses the sum of human knowledge in a way that is just now being made possible. 

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MAW aspires to be a bridge for corporate philanthropic and commercial interests to meet and connect with the entrepreneurial and social development forces working together to achieve a green revolution in Africa